Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Spiritual Significance of the Number 8!

Numerology is the study of dates & numbers. Throughout history whether it was Biblical, cultural and historical numbers have held and do hold significance.

The number 8 is a special number. It is the number of "New Beginnings!"

For example, in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 God created the Earth and He created the earth in 6 days. The bible then says that on the 7th day God said it is now complete and he blessed that day and sanctified it. However, the 8th day was the day of a brand new beginning for Adam in the Garden b/c that was the beginning of God releasing His creation over to Adam to take care of it and cultivate it thus, taking Adam's life to another level of living.

Historically, there are 7 days in a week but the 8th day is the brand new beginning to a brand new week of new opportunities and new possibilities!

Musically, the Diatonic Scale has 7 notes. 1. Do. 2. Re. 3. Mi. 4. Fa. 5. So. 6. La 7. Ti but the 8th note is Do again but at a brand new beginning and on a higher level.

In the New Testament the Savior of the World was born in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes. However it took 8 days for it to be officially recorded that his name was Jesus and it was on that same 8th day that He was circumcised which created a brand new beginning for Christianity and the World. If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior he's taken our life to another level through the gift of abundant life.

Culturally in the game of Billiards there are 15 balls. 7 stripes and 7 solids. However, the most important ball on the table is the EIGHT (8) BALL. Whoever gets the Eight ball in the side pocket gets to stay on the table and start a brand new beginning b/c they successfully defeated their competition.

All I'm trying to suggest is that the number EIGHT is GREAT! If you've checked your calendars you will recognize that this year is 2008. This is the year not to HESI-TATE & HATE but to CELE-BRATE & COMMEMORATE the WAIT that you had to go through to get to 08!"

Because 2008 is the year for "New Beginnings!"

This is the year to achieve what you thought was unachievable!
This is the year to believe what you thought was unbelievable!
This is the year to conquer what you thought was unconquerable!"


Be Blessed,
Alan Lamar Patterson


Felisa said...

Wow...had to look up the significance of 8 and am truly stunned. Long long story, some big losses on the online casino. A lot are my stupidity - I win then put back a lot. I had a $150 free chip - had been up and down and was really hoping to hit teh bomnus round on $5 but even though I have before sometiomes win is not much. It felt unlucky so I walkd away for a bit. My spirit guides sometiems guide me when to go back and to try again. This time I was desparate down to $67.68 and I need more money desparately to visit my mum overseas who is ill. I requested my spirit guides helped me, called on my guardian angel, and prayed to god to send me some saving grace. The first spin when I went back got the bonus round on $5.

At teh end I had one last spin after (always do just in case...lol)..... I stopped after that and looked at my total - it was $888.88 ....... now that is spooky!

Rev P No said...

Good post Al. Keep writing.

Koka said...

First off I have to say I am amazed. I'm a college student here in Atlanta,GA and I'm taking a religious course. The professor asked us today what our number was and my response was 8. I knew my number was 8 from typing my name into a numerology site. So he told us his number was 8 and everything in his life had to deal with 8. So I thought after class and during that about how 8 effects my life or has. everything that I have thought of so far has been 8 or equals t 8 somehow. I'm truly amazed.

Anonymous said...

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Danette said...

it's the year 2012, yet a number 8 was shown to me... in let's say a dream.. i would like to know if the number 8 still has the same meaning for this year than it has for 2008

Sis. Glynis Phillips said...

Stumbled on The BluePrint looking for the significance of the number 8, beause when I'm seeking revelation or guidiance from the Lord he wakes me up at 4:22am which totals 8. The #8 has been following me since my adult life each place of resident ending in 8 of my many addresses. I have many gifts and was asked to speak at my aunts church June 2nd, wow just realize while typing that June is he 6mth add the 2nd it also gives you 8. God is awesom and I'm ready for new beginnings, I have been stagnated in every aspect of my life and coming out of a 40day fast he is showing me that new things are going to happen for me in an awesome way.

spiritual psychic medium said...

Every number has a different importance and qualities with the spiritual point of view. But the number 8 is at the top of them for its spiritual qualities.

Yorke Rodda said...

Hi Al
Thanks for the Blog Al - Jan 2008. You speak of the spiritual significance of 8 being New Beginnings. Now tell me ... this was your first and last blog on this site. Was Jan 2008 the start of something new in your life i.e. was your blog post significant in that you went off to start something new? What are you doing now?

I had a dream last night of 8 clouds in a clear blue sky - each of the 8 clouds was shaped like a bird and each was identical and perfect.

What can you tell me about 8 birds?

Blessings brother!


Yorke Rodda said...

Hi again Al
Sorry ... if you got last email please reply to diabetes.h4h @ gmail. com

thank you!

Shelly Hansbury said...

Hi AL! Wonderful post I needed to read today as the eighth of this month I chose as my first day of recovering from cocaine afflicting me for the and a half years. I was saved and born again in a church in 2003-now I am born again this day, the eighth, in addition recovery. Blessings, PTL, and you!

Anonymous said...

Please assist me in discerning this experience. I am new in the Lord. I've only ever had one symbolic dream prior to this. I experienced an audible voice which had me sit bolt upright in bed. I heard a voice say "You have 8 days." When I opened my eyes, I saw words rolling by like a rolling news script on t.v. --You have 8 days. I also felt simultaneously like I had something stamp my forehead so strongly. I immediately went downstairs and walked around. I could still see the words before my eyes. I did not feel dread like I had 8 days to live or anything like that. But I felt something that shook me up. What could this mean? I don't know how to get the meaning from it. First, is this from God or is this deception?

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Do you live in Chicago? Did you feel fear at all? If you felt fear it is likely not from the Lord.

Sherry Navarro Greth said...

Please see my message, I hope you find it soon.

Anonymous said...

No, I do not live in Chicago. I felt no fear...no dread, but it was a most unusual experience. I understand this could be something for another season. God will reveal it to me in due time. I trust the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

What message would that be?

Anonymous said...

Why did you ask if I live in Chicago?

Blessing Boston said...

Greetings 😀 The SPIRIT OF THE SOVEREIGN LORD is speaking to you. Ask HIM to explain what info, HE gives you. Ask HIM for scripture to confirm it! You are a baby just getting to know your GOOD FATHER and this new life. Welcome to the Family of the True Living GOD 😘

Jeanne Bourgeois said...

Blessing Boston: Thank you for your reply! Thank you and God bless you!

Jeanne (originally from Boston)

Blessing Boston said...

Jeanne are you Anonymous? If so, what transpired after 8 days?

Jeanne Bourgeois said...

Yes. Nothing occurred to my knowledge on the 8th day after my dream. That's why it perplexes me. Could this have been for another time? I don't know. That's why I was prompted to look
for a biblical connection with the number 8. I just supposed the meaning wasn't literal.

Blessing Boston said...

Greetings Sister, get to know HOLY SPIRIT intimately, by reading the Word and asking HIM, then wait for HIS answer. Don't be hung up by not getting it right away! As you get more experience in speaking and hearing HIM, you are on your way to having "the Best Friend". Are you baptized in HIS Spirit? Speaking in tongues? Journaling your communications with HIM? As you spend time with HIM, you'll trust and rely on HIM, more and more! Relax, and enjoy this exciting journey w/JESUS!

Jeanne Bourgeois said...

Thank you for that advice. You've helped me tremendously. God bless you!